Comparing Sandboxing Tools

Comparing some tools to make it less dangerous to run code you did not write. Sandboxing seems to be the best way to go like Deno and wasmtime do. But what about Python, Node.js, etc.?
firejail seems to be have hit the sweet spot between “secure” and “convenient”.

Creating TLS Certificates for Home Use – Part 2

Part 1 was technically correct, but turns out that it’s too manual to be used by me: you have to do it only once a while (once a year, because certs might have a 1 year validity time) you don’t do it if it’s a lot of extra manual work So here is Part 2Continue reading “Creating TLS Certificates for Home Use – Part 2”

Creating TLS Certificates for Home Use

I used to create self-signed certificates, but they have the problem that I have to accept them the first time when using a browser, and when openssl library connects, I have to disable the certificate verification in curl, Node.js etc. The proper fix is to create your own CA which your computers trust. Then signingContinue reading “Creating TLS Certificates for Home Use”

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