Making JetBrain’s IDEs less sluggish

WebStorm works on my Chromebook in Crostini. I’m happy it works. It’s a bit sluggish, but I attributed this to the CPU (m3), the many pixels on the screen (2400×1600) and/or Crostini itself. It’s fine as I won’t run thousands of lines of code here.

On my home Linux desktop (i7-4510U) it’s much better. Not speedy, but ok. Sublime Text is way snappier though.

Turns out you can improve both significantly by changing the Java runtime environment to the one from JetBrain one. Here the steps:

  1. File->Settings->Plugins.
  2. Click marketplace, search for “Choose Runtime”
  3. Install official Choose Runtime addon from JetBrains
  4. Wait for install and click to restart IDE.
  5. Once back in project, press shift twice to open the search window
  6. Search for Runtime. Select “Choose Runtime”
  7. Change to “jbrsdk-8u-232-linux-x64-b1638.6.tar.gz”, which should be the very last one at the bottom of the list.
  8. Click install, restart IDE, enjoy!

Obviously pick the latest version of the jbrsdk-8u-232-linux-x64. Why this is not default, I cannot say. It should be.