vmware Horizon Client on Ubuntu with Firefox

Sometimes things “just” work on Linux, and sometimes it’s a bit more fiddling. It’s the latter when running vmware Horizon client with Firefox. But as so often, there’s a fix here. Copy&pasted the answer here: Download the client from the VMWare Horizon Client for 64-bit Linux In Firefox, open about:config and click through the warning.Continue reading “vmware Horizon Client on Ubuntu with Firefox”

Making JetBrain’s IDEs less sluggish

WebStorm works on my Chromebook in Crostini. I’m happy it works. It’s a bit sluggish, but I attributed this to the CPU (m3), the many pixels on the screen (2400×1600) and/or Crostini itself. It’s fine as I won’t run thousands of lines of code here. On my home Linux desktop (i7-4510U) it’s much better. NotContinue reading “Making JetBrain’s IDEs less sluggish”

Citrix Workspace and Linux

Installing the Citrix Workspace (formerly Receiver) on a Linux machine should be simple. After all, installing it on a Chromebook worked just fine (after enabling High DPI since my Chromebook has such a display). But on Linux all I got was: You have not chosen to trust “Entrust Root Certification Authority – G2”, the issuerContinue reading “Citrix Workspace and Linux”

The Inner Workings Of SSDs

Found a most interesting article series about how SSD internally work: http://codecapsule.com/2014/02/12/coding-for-ssds-part-1-introduction-and-table-of-contents/ It goes quite deep, e.g. explains the internal structure of FLASH memory as well as how the Flash-Translation-Layer (FTL) works. I have not see any such detailed description yet. A Bit Related hdparm works well doe SCSI disks (or disks which behave likeContinue reading “The Inner Workings Of SSDs”

OKR – I like it!

Objective – Key Results (OKR) is a way to align teams to move towards a common goal. OKRs are result-oriented: It’s not prescriptive how to do something as that’s left to the implementing team. There’s a clear connection between objective and key results. KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and goals which come down from management onContinue reading “OKR – I like it!”

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