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Testing WLED with some spare hardware I had. Works as advertised. Neat UI. Works well as far as I can say!

Control USB Hub Power

Today via reddit I found a neat little utility I never heard of: uhubctl. It can turn off/on/toggle power on USB ports. And it works perfectly on my old 7 port USB 3 hub (look for the 1050:0120 Yubikey on hub 2-4.1 port 1): Neat as now I can power control all kind of USB…

Deno and FFI – How much Overhead?

Deno can use shared libraries which follow the normal C convention, thus allowing Deno programs to call C functions. Since there’s no way to create raw Ethernet packets within Deno and I found no library doing this, I think I’ll have to create it myself similar to what I did with Dart and its FFI.…

step-ca stopped!

step-ca stopped due to an overly large DB and not enough memory to memory-map it.

Leben und Tod

Am Freitag vor 2 Tagen ist ein langjähriger Freund von mir gestorben. Er war etwa so alt wie ich, und er schien kerngesund zu sein vor ein paar Jahren als wir uns zuletzt getroffen haben. Er hatte eine neue Lebensgefährtin gefunden und sie planten im nächsten Jahr zu heiraten. Beim letzten Telefongespräch hörte er sich…

BASIC Benchmarks

Old BASIC benchmarks tested on JavaScript 40 years later. Computers did get much faster.


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