k3s – local persistent storage

When using k3s and the built-in local persistent storage provider, once in a while you have to edit those files. While that usually works, sometimes you have to replace a 150kB binary file and when containers usually don’t have scp installed, there’s a problem… The fix is to modify the storage from outside the container.Continue reading “k3s – local persistent storage”

k3s – Half Size k8s

Followed https://rancher.com/docs/k3s/latest/en/ and it’s great. Took me a while to be able to access the dashboard though. How to connect to the dashboard What made this part work: local (on the machine running k3s server, in my case a machine called giga.lan), run a web browser and connect to https://localhost:8443. Alternatively on another machines runContinue reading “k3s – Half Size k8s”

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