Minio S3 and Events

One of the great points of AWS’s S3 is that you can get notifications about objects being uploaded/deleted/changed/etc. Turns out Minio can do that too! See for details. A quick test using nsq as queue manager worked. Start nsq as Docker container (on hosts t620.lan): Configure Minio: Restart the minio server. It’ll now showContinue reading “Minio S3 and Events”


The previous blog entry lacked using https so all communication is in plain text, which makes using passwords less than ideal. This blog entry fixes this. The full source code for the docker-compose.yml and haproxy.cfg file is available here. docker-compose.yml What’s this docker-compose file doing? It starts 2 containers: the ELK container and the HAProxyContinue reading “ELK with HTTPS”

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