Blynk and M5Stack

Using my M5Stack with Blynk makes sense: it has plenty sensors and a display and LEDs. Update M5Stack firmware to v1.7.0 via the M5Burner Have ampy installed Download from Set your M5 into “APP Mode” to be able to use the REPL reliably (boot, hit Setup button, select mode, reboot) Upload NowContinue reading “Blynk and M5Stack”

Fixing a Nintendo Pro Controller – Part 2

While I ordered a replacement joystick potentiometer slider (see my post from last week), I thought that you could also simply move one slider from a less used joystick axis to the one used most (left joystick, up-down direction). Much less used is the right joystick up-down). So I open the joystick again, bent offContinue reading “Fixing a Nintendo Pro Controller – Part 2”

Fixing a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Came across this thread on reddit about fixing the Pro Controller for the Nintendo Switch. While I don’t have yet a problem, it’s good to know what fails and how to fix it when it happens. The main information is in those pictures. The sliders are actually replaceable without having to de-solder the joystick. GetContinue reading “Fixing a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller”

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