k3s – Half Size k8s

Followed https://rancher.com/docs/k3s/latest/en/ and it’s great. Took me a while to be able to access the dashboard though. How to connect to the dashboard What made this part work: local (on the machine running k3s server, in my case a machine called giga.lan), run a web browser and connect to https://localhost:8443. Alternatively on another machines runContinue reading “k3s – Half Size k8s”

Disabling Waking up Computer via Mouse

My Linux machine keeps on waking up someone moves the mouse. Or kicks the table. While it’ll go back to sleep eventually, I’d rather not have it awake unless I want to use it. Disabling mouse events to wake up your computer is surprisingly simple. The thing to know is /proc/acpi/wakeup: XHCx is the USBContinue reading “Disabling Waking up Computer via Mouse”

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