Deno and FFI – How much Overhead?

Deno can use shared libraries which follow the normal C convention, thus allowing Deno programs to call C functions. Since there’s no way to create raw Ethernet packets within Deno and I found no library doing this, I think I’ll have to create it myself similar to what I did with Dart and its FFI.

But first I wanted to know what the overhead of calling a C function in a shared library is as this GitHub issue seems to make it very slow.

Time to measure! So I created a simple C function to add up bytes in an array:

int sum(const uint8_t *p, int count) {
        int res=0;
        for (int i=0; i<count; ++i) {
                res += p[i];
        return res;

and call this with variable amounts of count, from 1 to 4096. From Deno call it:

for (let size = 1 ; size < buf.length; size *= 2) {
  start =;
  for (let i = 0; i < 1_000_000; ++i) {
    result = dylib.symbols.sum(buf, size);
  end =;
  console.log(`Time used for ${size} bytes: ${end-start}ns`);
} returns a time stamp in ms, thus since the test call is done 1M times, the result shows the time in ns:

BytesAMD GX-420CA AMD Ryzen 5 3400GERK3328@1.3GHzKhadas VIM3L S905D3@1.9GHzAWS C6G
Calling FFI from Deno with increasing amount of work done inside the FFI, Deno version 1.29.3 (ARM: 1.29.4)

Linear regression shows 23ns and 14ns overhead (extrapolate for size=0) for the x86_64 CPUs. Note how nicely the time increases with larger payloads. The ARM CPUs start to show linear increases only at about 128 bytes, and their overhead is quite a lot higher at 830ns and 212ns.

Given that one 1500 byte Ethernet frame at 1 GBit/s takes 12μs, the overhead for the slower AMD CPU is only 0.2%, this is very acceptable. Even for more typical frames of 500 byte (128 pixel, 3 colors, plus a bit of overhead), the overhead is only 0.6%.

The ARM CPUs have significantly more overhead (7% for a 1500 byte frame for the S905D3, and 20% for a 500 byte frame). Even using a server type ARM CPU does not improve it by much.


Deno version: 1.29.3 for x86_64, and 1.29.4 for ARMv8 compiled via

cargo install deno --locked

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