Replace a Mouse with a Tablet

2 years ago I bought a tablet (Huion HS611) for playing Osu! but I quickly found out that I suck at it. Drawing is not my thing either, so it was mostly unused.

But then recently my Microsoft Sculpt Mouse broke (single click made double clicks). I have a spare mouse which is very “un-ergonomic”. So I needed another replacement, and I tested again the tablet, but this time as a mouse-replacement.

And it’s better than I expected!

  • Scrolling is very easy (like on a phone).
  • Single-click is super-easy although click-and-drag does not work at all as it’s used for scrolling.
  • Double-click and right-mouse-button-clicks are hard: the pen pointer moves a lot more than when using a mouse.
  • Having the pen in your hand means that when you type, you either drop the pen or you type with a pen between your fingers.

The one problem I had was that the Huion driver puts Windows into “Tablet mode”, which is generally correct. However it also means Windows likes to pop up a soft keyboard. It should not as I have a USB keyboard connected. It’s annoying as heck then it happens. Luckily the fix is simple.

No more soft keyboard pop-up

Run services.msc, find the Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service and simply disable it.


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