GitLab CI/CD

Since I just used GitHub Action, I was curious about GitLab and how that compares. And it turns out it’s simple too, similar UI.

Here the .gitlab-ci.yml:

  - unittest
  - build

  stage: unittest
    name: node:14
    - npm install
    - npm test

  stage: build
    entrypoint: [""]
    - mkdir -p /kaniko/.docker
    - echo "{\"auths\":{\"$CI_REGISTRY\":{\"username\":\"$CI_REGISTRY_USER\",\"password\":\"$CI_REGISTRY_PASSWORD\"}}}" > /kaniko/.docker/config.json
    - /kaniko/executor --context $CI_PROJECT_DIR --dockerfile $CI_PROJECT_DIR/Dockerfile --destination $CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE:$CI_COMMIT_TAG

#  rules:
#    - if: $CI_COMMIT_TAG

The last 2 lines could restrict container building to only those commits which have a tag defined:

git commit -am "test git tags"
git tag test-tag
git push --tags origin master

Functionally I found no difference to GitHub except for the container registry which is well integrated into GitLab. The CI/CD pipeline itself is functionally identical (at this level of a simple 2 stage pipeline)

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