Mijia LYWSD03MMC, BLE and Node.js

That hard-to-remember product name is a Bluetooth LE enabled small thermometer and hygrometer from Xiaomi. The special thing about it is that Aaron Christophel created a GitHub repo about how to re-flash it with firmware which makes it way more useful: it now advertises the temperature, humidity and battery level which makes it very easy to pick up.

So I got 4 of those and re-flashed them:

  1. Access https://atc1441.github.io/TelinkFlasher.html with a WebBluetooth capable browser
  2. Click on Connect and connect
  3. Click on Do Activation
  4. Click on Choose firmware and use the ATC_Thermometer.bin from above repo
  5. Click on Start Flashing
  6. Wait about 60s
  7. Wait until it reboot. The display will show the 3 last bytes of the MAC address for easier reference later on.

Connect to the newly flashed device. You can change some settings with the buttons at the end of the web page (e.g. disable the “Show battery in LCD” if you measure and record it anyway).

Scripts for finding them and reading data out of them is here.

Reading them out is very simple with above scripts:

❯ node read-thermometer.js -s ATC_C1CADA,ATC_D01337 -e 10 -t
environment,host=m75q,sensor=ATC_C1CADA temp=22.5,humidity=37,battery=100
environment,host=m75q,sensor=ATC_D01337 temp=20.7,humidity=44,battery=100

which you can feed via telegraf. Here the telegraf.conf snippet:

  commands = ["node ~/git/LYWSD03MMC/read-thermometer/read-thermometer.js -s ATC_C1CADA,ATC_D01337 -t"]
  timeout = "12s"
  data_format = "influx"

And the result are very nice graphs in Grafana (3 sensors):

Temperatures recorded via BLE from 3 LYWSD03MMC sensors

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