Comparing Sandboxing Tools

Comparing some tools to make it less dangerous to run code you did not write. Sandboxing seems to be the best way to go like Deno and wasmtime do. But what about Python, Node.js, etc.?
firejail seems to be have hit the sweet spot between “secure” and “convenient”.

Blynk and M5Stack

Using my M5Stack with Blynk makes sense: it has plenty sensors and a display and LEDs. Update M5Stack firmware to v1.7.0 via the M5Burner Have ampy installed Download from Set your M5 into “APP Mode” to be able to use the REPL reliably (boot, hit Setup button, select mode, reboot) Upload NowContinue reading “Blynk and M5Stack”

Minio S3 and Events

One of the great points of AWS’s S3 is that you can get notifications about objects being uploaded/deleted/changed/etc. Turns out Minio can do that too! See for details. A quick test using nsq as queue manager worked. Start nsq as Docker container (on hosts t620.lan): Configure Minio: Restart the minio server. It’ll now showContinue reading “Minio S3 and Events”

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