ESP8266’s smaller brother: ESP8285

ESP8285 on Wemos D1 Mini Lite

I forgot I bought one of those a while ago! To flash Espruino software on it: --port /dev/ttyUSB1 --baud 115200 write_flash \
  --flash_freq 80m --flash_mode dout --flash_size 1MB --verify \
  0x0000 "boot_v1.6.bin" 0x1000 espruino_esp8266_user1.bin \
  0xFC000 esp_init_data_default.bin 0xFE000 blank.bin

Files from Source: although that speaks of 40MHz. I have not seen any issues with 80MHz.

Needless to say, it works fine:

ESP8285 with WS2812B LED (via D2)

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