From bash to zsh

Updating to the latest Kubuntu gave me a chance to revisit all previous decisions related to the OS. The login shell is one of them…

As a long term bash user migrating off is hard: everything is set up to work perfectly. And it works on every computer I use, be it at home, in the cloud or at work. Changing to another shell would need to give me significant benefits. Powerlevel10k on zsh was that benefit for me: Works out of the box and has a fancy prompt which shows contains important and useful information, especially when you use git (which I do):

Powerlevel10k typical prompt

There’s a lot of useful information: I’m on a GitHub repo, in the “experimental_compact_vars” branch with 2 changes not yet committed. The last command returned with an ok status and took 4s (time is not displayed if less than 3s which shows the attention to details).

In the words of Oh My Zsh:

Oh My Zsh will not make you a 10x developer…but you may feel like one.


Small minor problems with zsh which I have not seen with bash.

  • TZ is not set correctly. Set it in /etc/zsh/zprofile:
TZ=$(cat /etc/timezone)
export TZ

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